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The scientific Online journal "Education and Science" is published by the postgraduate students "Alexandros Delmouzos" Association and the Faculty of Primary Education of the University of Athens.

It is a non-profit journal that covers a broad scope of topics and aims at the provision of valid and current knowledge concerning the scientific developments in the field of education.


The fulfillment of this aim is achieved with the publication of


    Research studies by the wider field of Pedagogic Sciences.

    Theoretical studies of a wider pedagogic speculation.

     New Technologies Applications in the field of Education.

     Epistemological -  methodological approaches.

     Articles concerned with the flexibility and the management of innovation of Knowledge.


as well as the publication of


    Book Reviews.

    Conduct announcements of congresses, meetings, conferences.

    Proceedings of congresses, meetings, conferences.

    Web pages presentations.


The editorial board has the full responsibility for the administration and selection of the papers under publication.




2005 National & Kapodistrian University of Athens
Faculty of Primary Education
"Alexandros Delmouzos" Post Graduate Students Association