Education & Science

  VOLUME I, Issue 2
    April 2005

The portrait of Justinian as a servant of the law in the Secret History of Procopius of Caesarea

pp. 118 - 130
  Constantine D. S. Paidas  



The Byzantine historian Procopius of Caesarea constitutes the most important source of information concerning the reign of Justinian. Among Procopius work the Secret History, holds a distinct position, as in this a total evaluation of morals and the state of the most famous emperor of Byzantium is attempted, although with prejudiced and critical disposal. In the present study it is proved that the main objective of the abstract writer of the Secret History is to tarnishes the portrait of Justinian as a servant of the law and given that in the political thought of homo byzantinus the justice constitutes one of the most important virtues of the ideal prince- leads the recipient of his narration to the conclusion that the emperor in question consists a model of a tyrant.

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Instruction and individualism: Issues of the methodology of research in the field of the politics of instruction by the examination of the Leonardo project

pp. 131 - 146
  Marianna Bartzakli - Nikolaos Papadakis  



The post-industrial construction of west societies do not redefine only the relationship collective- private. It is possible that it redefines the politics which are primarily related to this relationship through the legislative and political support of the individual trends and of the politics of instruction. By this article it is made an effort to compose a theoretical reflection that is related to the above and to the role of the instruction in the field of social incorporation.

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Myth or reality the differentiating performance of both sexes in problem solving and spatial ability activities? 

pp. 147 - 168
  Eleni Hanioti  



This article is part of a greater research related with gender differences in all aspects of mathematical education in primary school. Specifically, this article deals with two very important parts of mathematical education: problem solving and activities concerning spatial ability. The review of the related literature reveals that boys tend to do better than girls in word problems and exercises that appeal to the spatial ability of the children.
The sample of the study, which was carried out in the context of this project, consisted of 139 sixth grade pupils from the prefecture of Evros, Greece.  Children were asked to answer to a questionnaire-test containing 23 questions aiming at investigating their knowledge of basic mathematical facts and their attitudes to school mathematics. Of course, it will be analyzed only what is related with problem solving and spatial ability. The results of the study showed that boys and girls performance in mathematics differed in questions concerning the problem solving (mostly higher for boys) and the spatial orientation (higher for girls). 

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Assessment of Deaf Education by Deaf Communities of Europe: A Cross-National Comparative Study

pp. 169 - 196
  Vassilis Kourbetis -  Anna Adamopoulou - Spyros Ferentinos  



The Hearing and the Deaf, face their inclusion in society in a very different way. The Hearing tend to design and implement practices for the Deaf without the inclusion of the latter. This practice has resulted in the inactivity and the exclusion of the Deaf Community in general. The research was conducted using structured interviews with 123 Deaf (60 women and 63 men) adults (18- 65), from Belgium (32), Denmark (27), Greece (44) and Spain (20). According to the results of our research, the Deaf express the need for school improvement and they suggest solutions to current problems. The results will contribute to the improvement of educational practices and they will enrich and empower Deaf and Hearing communities.

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Microsoft Windows: The evolution of a revolutionary product
pp. 197 - 205
  Lykourgos G. Zacharogeorgas  


The present study explores the history of Microsoft Windows (M.W) by identifying its origins and describing the advantages and disadvantages of its versions, searching the reasons for the replacement of each new edition and indicating the trends for the future development of this revolutionary operating system. The main purpose of the study is to help us understand the forces that shaped the development of M.W., improve our knowledge about the workings of the modern systems and appreciate their basic elements, realizing that software is never finished and never perfect, like people.
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Populism as a Constructing Element of Democracy

pp. 206 - 218
  Nikolaos Kilakos  


Understanding democracy as a point of intersection between redemptive and pragmatic styles of politics, populisms turn out to designate something much more important than a pathological form of politics. Between the two faces of democracy lies a gap in which populisms are liable to appear. Populisms, such as preserving national identity populisms or populisms-attitude are served from time to time by almost all of the political leaders of the modern European countries.
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Pupils ideas for the "Cloud"

pp. 219 - 247
  Styliani Xanthi  


The present research supports that the phase of restructuration of ideas of pupils is important in the instructive process, because they are encouraged to check their ideas, to develop ideas or to replace preexisting ideas with others. With  the questionnaire we located if the children manufacture a intuitive perception of world and we searched the change of this perception with the teaching of theory of shaping of cloud, as we  appreciated in forty seven pupils of Sixth Public school. From the results of research we proposed training work for conceptual change in the preexisting ideas of pupils for the"CLOUD".
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Book Review
Konstantinos D. Malafantis, Pedagogy of Literature

pp. 248 - 250
  Charikleia A. Galanopoulou  
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